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Aaron Peralta
1 day old at diagnosis
El Paso, TX USA
Cook Children's hospital ( Fort Worth, TX)

Aaron's Pediatrician "accidentally" found tumors on both adrenal glands the day after he was born. He had a dimple on his back so doctor ordered ultrasounds and that is how we discovered he had bilateral Adrenal Neuroblastoma. He was in observation for several weeks, both adrenal masses regressed on their on, but in one of the follow ups we discovered it was metasized to the liver and started treatment right away at the age of 4 months. Aaron has NB Stage IVs, High Risk, Nmyc amplified. He has completed 6 rounds of induction Chemotherapy, surgery to remove liver tumors, and has completed Stem Cell Transplant, currently recovering in the Bone Marrow unit. He is day +16 post transplant.