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Here are some of the children that have been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Some are currently fighting hard, some are done with treatment, and some have lost the battle. Neuroblastoma can not be officially "cured", so all of these children are at risk for complications for the rest of their lives. If you either know of or are a family affected by this disease and would like to see your child appear on this site, please click here to read more about submitting your information.

Charlotte Olivia Dale Rufener

Indicates this child has lost their battle with Neuroblastoma.

Featured Angel

Braeden Burgess

Featured Fighter

Carla Hood
Featured Angel

Keagen Koch
Featured Fighter

Lance Harris

If you have or know of a child that you would like displayed on our page, please send an email with the below information to: Please put your Child's FULL NAME in the subject line.

Child's First and Last Name
Child's Birthday
Age at Diagnosis
City, State, Country
Hospital(s) Treated At
A paragraph explaining how you discovered the disease, and what you and your child went through during your child's treatment.
Also, be sure to sure to tell us about some of your child's favorite things to play with, or what they do in their free time.
If you have a caring bridge or other website you want linked
Please submit your favorite picture(s) of your child accompanying this information. (Please keep in mind this is a public website, and you should only submit the information you are comfortable sharing. To help us keep things organized please submit your child’s full name and indicate what information you would like excluded from your child’s profile.)

Thank you!