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Jordyn Olsen
11 months old at diagnosis
Pipestone, MN, USA
Sanford Children's Hospital - Sioux Falls, SD, University of Minnesota Fairview - Minneapolis, MN, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - New York City, NY and University of Vermont Children's Hospital - Burlington, VT

Jordyn's disease presented itself as a benign lesion on her skull. The actual NB tumor was found in her pelvis at 11 months old and was the size of 6 ping-pong balls clustered at its largest.  We have endured a lot with her in the last almost 3 years since diagnosis, but we have never endured the loss of hope.  Jordyn has changed many lives, including ours and is such an inspiration to all who meet her.  We had many ups and downs and twice had the dreadful talk of sending her home on hospice, if we made it home at all.  She is sure a fighter and never ceases to amaze us and her doctors as well.  She is our very special gift and we believe that the doctors have a lot to learn from little Miss Jordo.
Jordyn loves to spend her days playing with her older sister, Brenna 7 and her little brother, London 1.  She is an avid Dora and SpongeBob fan and most recently became obsessed with ICarly.  She loves reading books, being read to and adores singing more than anything.  Her goal is to be on American Idol, well maybe not.  She just learned to walk without a walker and has progressed further in Physical therapy than even her doctors and therapists anticipated.  She lives life to its fullest; she doesn't know any other way.  She loves being outside and adores her aunts, uncles and cousins and other family, especially Grandma's and Grandpa's.