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Molly Hollway
13 months old at diagnosis
Edina, MN USA
Minneapolis Children’s Healthcare, Minneapolis MN

Meet Molly, a 15 year Neuroblastoma survivor!!!! It is so amazing to type those words. Molly is known in every Neuroblastoma circle, she is an inspiration, and a miracle!

Molly was diagnosed with stage III High Risk Neuroblastoma on November, 9 1993 at just 13 months old. She had an unrespectable tumor, bad histology, poor shimada, and was also n-myc non amplified. She went through 12 grueling months of chemo, surgeries, radiation and accutane.

She is now seen regularly at the Late Term effects clinic in Minneapolis to monitor her heart and any other possible late effects. Her doctors highly recommend lots of physical she continues to Dance...Dance and then more dance. She also played an 8 month season of girl’s hockey in 2006!

Molly loves Life, ice Hockey and more then anything loves to dance! Molly and her amazing devoted Mom have been involved in countless fundraisers and awareness campaigns. To name a few, Lunch for life, Alex's lemonade stand, dance for life, and The Loneliest road campaign.

Each year there is a conference specializing in all things Neuroblastoma in Chicago, IL. Molly and Mary are a huge part of the success of the conference, with Molly speaking about her experience, giving other children and families hope.

Molly and Mary, thank you , thank you from all the children and families across the world fighting cancer - thank you for standing up for those who need it most, thank you for creating so much awareness and being so involved in raising funds to lead to the cure! We continue to follow Molly's fantastic journey of healing and inspiration with great faith and excitement! God Bless, all our love and best wishes, always!

Molly is on the far left

Molly Speaking at the Neuroblastoma Conference

Erik Ludwinski
Molly and Erik 2007 Neroblastoma Conference Chicago