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Jared Strayer
2 years old at diagnosis
Boiling Spring, PA USA
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Hershey Medical Center (HMC)

A paragraph explaining how you discovered the disease, and what you went through during treatment. Jared was complaining of his belly hurting and when I felt his belly I found a mass in it.  Went to the pediatrician that night and then the next day to HMC for CT and MRI and found a grapefruit sized tumor on his adrenal gland. The next day he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  Due to the size of the tumor and the MIBG showing an isolated spot on the femur Jared was diagnosed with stage IV.  Treatment was intense and difficult.  Jared ended up having to get a naso-gastric tube to be fed because he could not eat.  With the feedings and an appetite stimulant (megace) he was able to gain and maintain weight.  Jared went through 5 rounds of induction chemo, surgery to remove the tumor, a double stem cell transplant and localized radiation.  During treatment Jared spent about half the time in the hospital.  One week for treatment then home a few days then back to the hospital with a neutropenic fever for a week or so.  

Jared loves to do anything outdoors.  He loves to shoot his bb gun, ride bike, hike, climb, play with his dogs, play football and etc.  He is a very active little guy who is full of life.  If you looked at him now, you would have no idea what he went through if you did not see his scars from tumor removal and his central lines.