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Clayton K.
2 years old at diagnosis
Michigan, USA
Helen Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI

In June of 2009 we took Clayton to see the doctor because we thought he had an ear infection. We soon found out that it was something much more than that. After being transferred to Helen Devos Children's Hospital from our local hospital he went through a battery of tests. They found a tumor in Clayton's mid-section about the size of a softball. After more test and a biopsy of the tumor we got Clayton's official diagnosis.

He had Stage 3, Neuroblastoma and was classified high risk due to the size of the tumor. The tumor was going through the hole in his hip bone and getting very close to his spinal column.

He had several rounds of the most intense chemo they can give a child. In late September it was determined that the tumor was no longer shrinking and that surgery was our best option. So in October Clayton endured an 11 1/2 hour surgery to remove the tumor. This surgery involved three different surgeons (neurologist, urologist and a general pediatric surgeon). Clayton spent about ten days in the hospital most of them in the ICU to recover from his surgery. After surgery he didn't walk for almost three months. After his surgery he had two more light rounds of chemo and 6 rounds of Acutane.

As of Sept. 2010 he is officially considered in remission and the doctors are very optimistic that he will stay that way.

He is doing great and to look at him or watch him you would never guess he was ever sick.

We praise God every day for Clayton's health!!!