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Ryan Malarkey
3 years old at diagnosis
Jamestown , NY USA
Buffalo Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Memorial Sloan Kettering

Ryan had difficulty walking, but wasn't diagnosed until he had fevers of unknown origin.  He went through 5 rounds of high dose chemo, then surgery with Dr. Laquaglia to remove his left Adrenal gland and the primary tumor. 

After that, he underwent double stem cell transplant with experimental T-cell augmentation. 

Unfortunately, after double stem cell transplant he still had a small amount of refractory disease left in his bone marrow. 

We took him back to Sloan Kettering to receive their experimental monoclonal antibody, 3F8.  He cleared his disease after 2 rounds of 3F8, and received a total of 10 rounds.  3F8 is a very painful and difficult treatment, but it works!

Ryan likes skiing, and is very good at school with a 100% average on his 1st grade spelling.